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Blueridge have taken America by storm with their authentic vintage style dreadnought and auditorium guitars. No corners have been cut to keep the price down, and the guitars speak for themselves in quality and playability.
We are very proud to be the sole UK distributor of the Blueridge Guitars

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  • Historic Series

    These guitars are the pride of the pack. Everything about them shouts hand made quality until you see the price! They are all solid wood, sound fantastic, and have received brilliant reviews across the board.
    Pre-War Series

    Faithful copies of the best vintage designs, these guitars are made the way all of the most prized vintage instruments were. All solid guitar with hand selected Rosewood or premium Mahogany back and sides.

    Contemporary Series

    This range offers outstanding value for money with authentic forward X bracing, solid Sitka spruce top and carved mahogany low profile neck.
    BG Series

    The sloping shoulders, full, warm-bodied tone and traditional tobacco sunburst finish give these guitars a classic 1950s look and feel. The BG guitars boast a solid spruce top, with solid (BG 140) or laminate (BG 40) mahogany back and sides and rosewood fingerboard. The guitars sell themselves, and must be seen to be believed!
    What the Magazines Say
    Play Music Arguably one of the all-round nicest guitars most of us are ever likely to own (BR 160)

    Music Mart Sounding this good straight out of the box, they'll sound magnificent after a few years playing in...Amazing value for money BR 43 and BR 160 Music Mart (BR43 and BR 160)

    Total Guitar It's official - they do make 'em like they used to...These guitars are the toast of the US Bluegrass circuit, and a million men with funny moustaches can't be wrong. (BG 140)
    The BG 140 got an overall score of 5/5, and was awarded 'Best Buy'.

    Play Music It's a real player, this guitar (BG 40)

    Guitarist Blueridge Acoustic Guitars get the balance just right (BR 240)

    Guitar & Bass It's a beauty in both looks and sound (BR 163)

    Guitar & Bass Blueridge is setting a new, higher benchmark of quality for Chinese acoustics

    The BR 163 was awarded Gear of the Year, in the Acoustic Guitars under £500 category by Guitar & Bass magazine.

    Music Maker Well below the price of some familiar makes that don't sound half as good (BR 160)

    Guitarist: Simply Astonishing value with nothing coming close for that money

    Guitar Buyer and Guitarist give the Blueridge guitars 5/5 on value for money!

    Total Guitar: Hot Dang! A Folk Guitar that rocks! Click Here to read the full review. (with kind permission from Total Guitar)

    Guitar Buyer: A great deal of dreadnought for modest sums.. the quality of materials is remarkable at this price and the same goes for the overall attention to detail...a real boomer. Read the full 5 page spread from Guitar Buyer! (with kind permission from Guitar Buyer)

    Music Mart: The Blueridge Range leave the competition standing

    Vintage Guitar Magazine (USA): The Blueridge has a big, open, natural tone with clear bass, even mids, and shimmering top-end. No matter where I played on the neck, the tone remained full and crisp.

    Acoustic Guitar (USA):[The Blueridge BR-160] displayed a great dynamic range, retained its rich tone when played hard, and displayed good balance throughout its range.

    Guitar Player (USA):These affordable Chinese-made flat-tops are well made, and they play and sound quite amazing for the money.


    The Blueridge numbering system is very logical. Take BR-140 for example. The first digit denotes the series (1 for Historic, 2 for Pre-war, and the Contemporary models have this digit missed off). The second digit (or first digit if the model is Contemporary!) indicates the style (lower numbers for the simpler styles, 8 for the fanciest). The last digit is a 0 or a 3. 0 is for D style (dreadnought, a larger bodied guitar) and 3 is for the OOO (a small bodied guitar). So the BR-140 is a mid range Historic dreadnought.

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